Club Events

Whether it’s a dining in or ball, a notable speaker or garden party, there’s a whole host of events organised by, and for, Strangers’ Club members – all being a great excuse for members to enjoy themselves with likeminded people.

The Societies and Groups at the Strangers’ Club organise a range of events, including external speakers, competitions and a variety of visits.

Strangers’ Club events provide an excellent way of making the most of membership. Enjoy time with other members, often with their partners. Come to the Summer Dinner Parties and Barbeques, Formal Dining-In and lunches such as the Beaujolais lunch.

Spanish Wine Dinner on the Terrace

Phil Gibb

Hola! Please join us for an al fresco wine dinner on the Club Terrace with a Spanish Theme.

The Battle of Arnhem 1944 Speaker Lunch

Stuart Anderson

We invite you to join us for another interesting lunch that will commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem.

Several club members will talk of the Battle from different perspectives, but most important we will be joined by an ex Para and Colonel of the Parachute Regiment, who as our guest, will speak about the Paras who fought at Arnhem in 1944.

This is likely to be a popular lunch especially for the history buffs among us, so it essential you book in early to secure your place at what will be a fascinating talk. There will be ample time for questions too.

The ex para who is coming, is Kevin Pellatt’s guest, the former Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, Giles Orpen-Smellie.

SOS Bus Norwich

Stephen Thomson

SOS Bus, the first of its kind in the UK, was established and launched in April 2001 to provide a safe space for anyone visiting Norwich city centre on Friday and Saturday nights. They work with the police, ambulance service and local pubs and nightclubs.

Nurse Edith Cavell - Speaker meeting

Stephen Thomson

A chance to hear Edith Cavell’s story, along with those of some of the people who worked with her in German-occupied Belgium. All of them put their lives on the line for Allied soldiers, including men from Norfolk.