Interested in becoming a member of the Strangers Club?


Interested in Becoming a Member of the Strangers’ Club?

The Strangers’ Club welcomes applications for membership, however, you need to be aware of the following points before you apply:

 You should be male and over 21 years of age.

 Ideally, you should know two current members of the Club, to propose and second you. They would also invite you to lunch at the Club to meet the President or his Deputy.

 Your application is reviewed by the Club Committee and if endorsed, posted on the Club Notice Board for 14 days, before your election to the Club is finally approved.

 You are required to pay a joining fee and an annual subscription (adjusted according to the date of joining in the first year). The Honorary Secretary can give you information on the types of membership and associated subscriptions.

 If you do not know a member of The Strangers’ Club, that is not a problem, you should contact the Honorary Secretary via his email address,

The Honorary Secretary will explain the selection process in more detail and describe how you could join the Club without initially knowing a current member

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