Organiser: Mike Haslam

The Strangers’ Golfing Society is the embodiment of our Club’s approach to good fellowship and good company in a sporting context. It gives a great opportunity to play on different courses in our region in a relaxed atmosphere with players of all standards.


Organiser: Mike Berry

The snooker table is available for all members to use socially and during the club competitions which tend to begin around January-February each year. Players of all abilities are very welcome. It is a great opportunity for former players to rekindle some old magic, dust off your cue and enjoy a few friendly frames whilst drinking in the ambience of our splendid tudor surroundings.

Strangers Investment Group

Organiser: Richard Bird

The Club was one of two Investment Clubs started in 2000, being the first “special interest” groups to meet regularly prior to lunch. Although there have been changes to membership, 7 of the original group still attend. Meeting on the third Monday we have also organised visits to local companies & financial institutions in London.

The Monastery Investment Group

Organiser: Gary Towers

The Monastery Investment Club meet at 12 noon on the first Wednesday of each month. We also have a tennis sub-group who meet weekly at Easton College.
Our ethos is “to have fun with a no blame culture”.
We have an annual black tie Dinner at the Strangers Club with partners and AGM lunch venues have included RAC Club, Carpenters Livery Company, Morston Hall, Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Sailing Club and The Farmers Club in London”.

Elm Hill Investment Group

Organiser: Stuart Anderson

As the Club’s youngest investment club we bring a touch of modernity to the process of making money. Uniquely, we trade live at our convivial and lively meetings and wine oils our discussions which often continue over Trevor’s excellent lunches. We have consistently outperformed the FTSE100 and bank interest rates.

Mustard Virtual Investment

Organiser: Timothy Apthorpe

"Mustard!" is a structured forum meeting at 12 noon every 4th Monday (excluding July-August) for members who share their interest investing in the stock-market and a convivial lunch. The only money changing hands is directed to a quarterly prize in beer and wine enjoyed by participants at table.

Paston History Group

Organiser: Stuart Anderson

'The Paston History Club was formed at the end of 2006 and meet every two months. At each Meeting a subject is chosen for the next Meeting(s). Certain members then research the topic and present their findings whilst other members 'read around' the subject and discuss it following the presentation(s)'.

History Group No.1

Organiser: David Brief

This club, formed in 2006, meets every second month to discuss an historical topic decided upon by members at the last meeting. Recently these have included the Opium Wars, T.E. Lawrence, Franco, Charles II, Waterloo, Edmund Burke, the Barbary Pirates, Bonar Law and Edward III. Occasional outings have included Verdun and Waterloo.


Organisers: Simon Harper, David Jefford

The club meets the third Wednesday of the month at 10.00 a.m
The format is “no fear” and all abilities are welcome – we play Chicago.
Notices are displayed on the Club notice board each month and members should enter their name and partner’s name where applicable.

Gentleman’s Book Group

Organiser: Nick Butcher

Meets monthly to review and evaluate a chosen work. We aim to cover a variety of literary style (with the exception of Barbara Cartland and Jeffrey Archer) – fiction and non-fiction, serious and light-hearted; and from time to time embark on expeditions to places of interest linked to the subject matter of the book. Our sommelier ensures that a discussion never dries up.”

No.2 Book Group

Organiser: Peter Lufkin

Meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at the Club. To date we have read 97 books including Classics, Biographies, historic novels and fiction. Our meetings are mainly social but we do reach consensus concerning each book. Members always welcome to join us.

Rambling Group

Organiser: Alec Fisher

The Rambling Group meets monthly for a leisurely walk with partners of about 3 – 5 miles followed by a good pub lunch, and (not infrequently) thereafter a siesta. We seek to explore different locations throughout Norfolk and sometimes further afield. Many rambles are dog-friendly.

Modern Military History Group

Organiser: Roy Bishop

The group began in 2013 as The First World War Study Group in recognition of the approaching centenary of the onset of The Great War. Meetings generally looked at aspects of the war as experienced on the Somme and in Flanders and speakers gave pre lunch talks and demonstrations. This culminated in a four day visit to The Western Front which proved hugely successful both from an academic and social point of view.

Music Appreciation Group

Organiser: David James

'The Music Appreciation group, formed in 2017, meets to
promote a wider interest in music in a relaxing atmosphere. Topics for presentations and discussion are suggested by members at previous group meetings. Meetings take place at 12noon on the 2nd Tuesday of the month with a view to continuing conviviality afterwards into the bar/ lunch from October to June inclusive'.

Imbibers Wine Tasting

Organiser: Phil Gibb

The aim of the Imbibers Wine Group is to develop the acquaintance of Club members interested in wine. Part educational, always enjoyable, the group shares experiences of wines sampled and provides opportunities to expand one’s palate by sampling and discussing wine in all its glory. Other activities include Club wine dinners, tastings, vineyard visits and of course having lunch in the Club following the monthly meetings. Come and join us on the third Thursday of the month at 11:30am.

Yacht Club

Organiser: David Brief

The Yacht Club brings together members who share an interest in sailing or power boats for sociable lunches and days out on the water.